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Jimmy Fallon knows what's up...

Nov 27, 2015 -- 11:32am

Because, sometimes you just need new holiday songs...


Contestant Confuses Nation

Nov 25, 2015 -- 11:25am

Atlanta lawyer and winning Jeopardy contestant, Laura Ashby has the internet freaking out. Why? It's all in how she speaks. 

"I grew up watching it and playing it with my dad," said Ashby. She had taken a 50 question test  months ago and received an email from the show last spring asking her to audition in Savannah. There she played a couple of mock games and took another test. Not expecting anything from it, she got the call from producers asking her to be on the show back in August, she was excited, "I was just stunned and very excited  - and immediately stressing out thinking 'I've got to study now.'" 

On her first win, which aired on Friday, she answer all 18-questions correctly winning her $18, 401.

So what's the buzz all about? Why is social media blowing up about this random Jeopardy contestant?



NSync Can Say 'Bye Bye Bye'...

Nov 24, 2015 -- 2:42pm

...to the record they once held: "Most albums sold in one week" according to Nielson Soundscan as of 2000 with "No Strings Attached." Their sophomore release sold 2.416M copies in it's first 7 days and has stayed the largest selling release in it's first week up until today. Today, Adele takes reign. In it's first 3 official days, Adele's latest release "25" has sold over 2.433M copies in the US alone. The albums iTunes pre-order sales were at 900,000 copies on Friday alone!

So, as NSync says "Bye Bye Bye" to their record holding, Adele says "Hello" as the phenomenon she is.


Stuff To Make You Smile

Nov 23, 2015 -- 2:50pm

It's Monday, it's cold, it's the holiday season...there are so many things that could be potentially stressing you out. But, how about you take a moment for yourself and watch these and just smile, mmmkay?

Adele dresses up as an Adele impoersaonator to "audition" with other impersonators. See their amazing reaction when they realize the truth!

Justin Bieber has a secret handshake with Jimmy Fallon that I bet you never knew about...could you memorize it, too?

Macklemore is one who loves to have fun, which we've wintessed with Thrift Shop and Downtown, but he also is very into spreading awareness about subjects he is passionate about, like with Same Love. This time it's about a friend who overdosed due to a prescription pill addiction. This might not be an upflifting subject, but watching Macklemore & company push something they're passionate about and creating awareness on a subject that doesn't get the headlines it needs - amazing.


Never Have I Ever...with One Direction!

Nov 18, 2015 -- 11:17am

Ellen is always one that comes up with the game that no one else would really try with some of the biggest names. With One Direction, it was Never Have I Ever. Harry Styles wasn't enjoying it.

Here's the one she previously did with Madonna and Justin Bieber...

Coldplay's "Imagine" cover Tribute to Paris

Nov 17, 2015 -- 10:36am

Beautiful. Touching. Emotional. Impactful.

There are many words to describe this performance following Fridays terrorist attacks in Paris. Watch for yourself and keep the world in your thoughts.



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