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Play Super Nintendo Games For Free Online

Feb 04, 2016 -- 4:56pm

Ever wished you could play some of your old favorite Super Nintendo games, but your system has long been broken or you lost the games themselves? Now you can play them for free (and legally) online at snesfun.com. I discovered this today, and it's life-chaging.

Kanye West vs. Wiz Khalifa

Jan 27, 2016 -- 5:24pm

You may have heard Kanye's long awaited album, "Swish," is set to hit stores on February 11th.

Strike that, the album is now called "Waves." The self-appointed musical genius swapped the original title out yesterday for something decidedly less resonant and more generic.

So Wiz Khalifa called him on it on Twitter, and if we're being honest, rightfully so.

But since this is Kanye, he didn't take too kindly to that, and went HARD on Wiz in a rambling series of angry, insulting Tweets.

Of course, by the end of his rant session, he seemed to have cooled down a bit and maybe realized he was overreacting, so he took them all down, but you can still check out the tirade here.

The Most Unexpected Diss Track

Jan 26, 2016 -- 5:03pm

Over the weekend, B.o.B. was tweeting up a storm about how the Earth is actually flat, posing questions about why the horizon is always at eye level and how come planes don't just fly into space. So Neil deGrasse Tyson being, you know, a respected scientist, took it upon himself to hop on Twitter and quickly refute B.o.B.'s claims.

And that was that. Or so you'd think, right?



This is not a joke. This actually happened, late last night. B.o.B. is apparently trying to start a rap war with an astrophysicist over claims that the Earth is flat.

And what's more, the diss track actually features audio fom young Neil himself. Check it out (Warning - Language):

You can't make this stuff up. And the track covers multiple conspiracy theories, not just B.o.B.'s half-baked flat Earth claim.

I'd love to see a response to this. Maybe a collab between Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye. This could be bigger than Drake vs. Meek Mill, and a potentially even bigger slaughter.

High School Musical tumblr Jokes

Jan 21, 2016 -- 4:09pm

I was gonna post about something else today... and then I came across this list of the best High School Musical jokes on tumblr. tumblr isn't good for many things, but man, they can come up with some hilarious content sometimes, and when you put it all together, it's freaking gold. Especially #29, that may be my new favorite thing.


Jan 18, 2016 -- 5:11pm


I am so excited for this. It's no secret that I've been a fan of High School Musical since I first saw it in 2006, and now a 10 Year Reunion Special is set to air this Wednesday, January 20th on Disney Channel at 8 PM. All of the original core cast will be there... except Zac Efron. And while that is disappointing, I can only assume he must have been busy when they shot this special, because though he won't be there with the rest of the cast, he is recording a separate taped segment to air with the rest of the reunion.

Pillow Hoodie Kickstarter

Jan 07, 2016 -- 4:59pm

Kickstarter is at it again. A couple years ago, a dude raised over $55,000 to make potato salad, and now... well, this is slightly less ridiculous but a bit more lucrative: a hoodie with an inflatable pillow built into the hood is up for funding. When I say up for funding, what I mean is that, of their $30,000 goal, they've raised (as of this writing) over $250,000. So yeah, things are going well for the Hypnos Hoodie. There are still 3 days left to go to get in on the action, so if you wanna pick one up for yourself at a discounted price, backing this project is probably the way to go. Options are limited at this point, but there's still some room to grab a few hoodies.

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