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Kanye West is a REAL Boy!

Aug 22, 2013 -- 6:00pm

Today I was gonna write about the Sweet 16 party thrown for Kylie Jenner last weekend, and how each of the 150 guests received gift bags valued at about $1,000, and how this was basically all possible because her half-sister made a sex tape a while back... but then I saw this. And you know I can’t pass up on an opportunity to write about my boy Kanye.

Can you believe that? Kanye West actually sounds… human. He gets sort of choked up as he talks about the recent passing of his grandfather, and speaks of how much he loves Kim Kardashian.

I mean dang. He has something to live for now that he has Kim? This is actually on the border of heartwarming.  And I'm pretty excited about the big reveal of North West, which is coming tomorrow on Kris Jenner's show. I'm still crossing my fingers and hoping she's just a normal baby girl with a fully developed Kanye head.

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