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From the Guy Who Brought You "Friday"

Oct 16, 2013 -- 5:25pm

Patrice Wilson, producer extraordinaire behind Rebecca Black's "Friday," has bestowed up on the world another gem: Alison Gold's "Chinese Food."

Yes, this is real.



I don't know what my favorite thing about this video is... the absurdist nature of the lyrics and imagery, the way both this and its predecessor are performed with girls who have color names, the fact that Patrice Wilson seemingly doesn't care how terrible his work is as long as it's out there, or the subtitles that keep changing languages from shot to shot. Or heck, the fact that the entire song is about Chinese food. The guy revels in the mundane, and to be quite honest, I love him for it. Say what you will about "Friday," but that song was catchy as all get out, and the legacy of its so-bad-it's-good viral nature is being carried on by this new instant classic.

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