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Take it All to the Thrift Shop!

Nov 07, 2013 -- 10:46am

By now the name Mackemore has come out of your mouth at least a couple of times. Whether you listened to "Thrift Shop" for the first time and though this dude wasn't going to last, or heard "Same Love" and imagined how he was going to change the rap industry as a whole, you know him. You may even know all his struggles: drug and alcohol addiction from the age of 14...rehab...getting clean...falling back into it all over again. He has lived a lot in his 30 years and the fact that he's still alive to live his dream, he has his girlfriend, Tricia Davis and her mother to thank.

So, what has he done to thank? I'm sure he's said the words a million times at this point, but tonight on E! you get to see Macklemores Big Surprise! He's giving his future mother-in-law a home mackeover and he has 72 hours to accomplish it all with family and friends. Can he do it? What's the BIGGER surprise? All things we have to wait and see tonight at 10pm. DVR...set...record.

 Macklemore's Big Surprise



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