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3/14: A Day of Many Names

Mar 14, 2013 -- 5:57pm

3/14 - They call it Pi Day, and for good reason, since the sequence of numbers referred to as "pi" begins with 3.14. But I've also been hearing that it's National Potato Chip Day, Popcorn Day and Steak and a... *ahem* other thing I won't mention here... day. What makes today so special that it warrants all this recognition? Beats me, but I think we should settle it once and for all and come up with our own holiday. I'll be taking suggestions for National _____ Day on air with The Buzz after 9:00, so you can call me and let me know what you think today should be known for, but I'll get it started now with my own suggestion: National Rubber Duck Squeaking Day. Because really, who doesn't love a nice squeaky rubber ducky? Although I guess the answer to that would be my office mates.




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