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Happy Birthday Facebook

Feb 06, 2014 -- 5:01pm

Facebook turned 10 years old recently, and if you haven't seen basically all of your friends sharing it, they're offering a service that compiles some of yourhighlights into a 10th (or however many years you've had an account) anniversary video. As long as you're logged into Facebook, you can check out your own video here.

Personally, I think it's a neat feature. The problem with these videos, like a vast majority of your own personal Facebook content, is how much it actually impacts other users. Data aggregate and scientific research site Buzzfeed put together a graph that shows exactly how much impact your Facebook anniversary video will have on other users:

Thanks, Buzzfeed


Still, I  recommend you check it out, even if it's a very minimalist video and no one else cares. It's pretty cool to see some of your most-liked posts. My most-liked post was "I'm pregnant," and I'm still really proud of that gem of an April Fools joke.

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