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Not North West

Jun 26, 2013 -- 5:25pm
It's been far too long since I posted about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, right? Right! Time for the latest in the life of little North West. Apparently Kim figured some of her friends would try to make a quick buck by selling pictures of baby North, so she devised a plan to find out who the snitches might be (because if anyone has a right to get indignant over someone using the press to make a quick buck, it's Kim Kardashian, right?). She sent out a few fake pictures of her daughter to some associates, and then waited to see which ones surfaced in the media. Here are the pictures of Not North West:
My question, and the one no one seems to be asking, is who the heck ARE these kids? Did Kim just send one of her minions into the... wherever they keep the babies in the hospital (maternity ward? Is that what it's called?) and just have him or her take pictures of random newborns?
Anyway, even though she's a girl, it's hard for me to think of North West and not just picture a baby's body with Kanye's head. Come to think of it... maybe THAT'S why they don't want the public seeing pictures of her!

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