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Jul 08, 2013 -- 3:08pm

Sure, you hear me every afternoon during the week on FLY92.3; I’m silly, sarcastic, pop-culture influenced but what you may not know is, to go along with my title of “Afternoon Drive,” I’m also the “Music Director.”

What does this mean? My every day is constantly surrounded with music; past, present and future. I’m the one that figures out what should and shouldn’t be played on the station. I have the ability to take my own personal likes and dislikes and put them aside and get into your head, instead. I, like you, can’t like everything that’s out there, but I can get a good grasp of what the majority of people in the Capital Region are going to enjoy and throw on their iPods.

FLY92.3 is a Top 40 station, which is a great format for a bunch of reasons; mainly because it’s the one of the only that can take what’s popular from almost any genre and create the ultimate play list! The top songs from Pop, Rhythm, Hip Hop, Country, Rock, Alternative, R&B and more and put them all in one spot for all to enjoy.

So, since I’m so music oriented, it only makes sense for my blog to focus on what’s hot, what’s coming up, who’s touring and what’s been stuck in my head and on repeat on my iPod, right?! Mmmmhmmm!

Just released on July 4thand now available via iTunes


JAY-Z featuring JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE “Holy Grail”



I don’t think anyone can complain about these two teaming up again (and if someone can find a reason to complain, I’m sure we’ll read all about it on Facebook.) But, come on, when you have a song that starts as a Pop song, vocalized by the sexy rasp of Justin Timberlake whose falsetto could break your heart without even trying, lead into Jay-Z’s rap with Nirvana influenced lyrics (yeah, I hear you HOV) how can you lose? Seriously?! Even at 5 minutes long, any other two I may be like, “yeah, ok, that could’ve really ended 2 minutes ago…” and eventually I might feel that way about “Holy Grail,” but right now, I’m just going to listen to JT and daydream for exactly 5 minutes and 4 seconds…


Tomorrow, it’s all about my latest concert adventure. I’ll give you a hint…I traveled to Mohegan Sun and had a little moonshine.


Mar wink

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