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Jul 10, 2013 -- 12:01pm

Since the summer of ’97, I’ve been poked fun at, made fun of, called names and just plain laughed at for saying proudly that my favorite band is, HANSON. Yes, those boys with the once long blonde hair, pre-pubescent voices and the ones behind the infectious hit, “MMMBop.” Ya know, the song that was #1 in 27 countries, scored the band 2 Grammy nominations and helped them sell 10 millions copies of their debut album “Middle of Nowhere” worldwide? Yeah, those guys.


(l-r Taylor, Zac, Isaac Hanson 1997)

That song has been a blessing and a curse for Hanson for 16 years; blessing in the fact that they’re still a recognizable name in 2013 without being all over radio and media, a curse due to people not seeing past the pure pop, high-pitched voices that they once were.


(l-r Taylor, Zac, Isaac Hanson 2013)

In 1999, after releasing 2 studio albums, a Christmas album, Live and Pre-Fame re-release the band dealt with a label merger that had them go from a pop/rock friendly label to a more hip-hop based one. They didn’t stand a chance and after 3 years of trials and tribulations, they parted ways and created their own label, 3 Car Garage.

It was risky to say the least, but in 2004 they released what was their 3rdofficial studio album, “Underneath.” It became the #1 selling independent release at the time.


(New Studio album, "Anthem" -- available in stores and iTunes now)

Now lets fast forward to 2013…with a brand new release, marching into the bands 21stanniversary and 6thstudio album, “Anthem,” isn’t the Hanson you remember from ’97. In fact, I’d like to play a bit of a game: The Hanson Challenge. I do this here and there with coworkers and friends and it’s very simple. For just a moment, put your judgments aside and actually listen to something they’ve released post ’97, really listen. Compare them to what you hear on the regular – whether it be right here on FLY92.3 or otherwise and feel free to tell me what you think. (marissa@fly92.com) But, truth is, I already know what you’ll say; you’ll be shocked, you’ll probably question yourself a bit, but don’t worry – that’s perfectly normal. You have to remember, I am the Music Director here…my taste can’t be all that bad.



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