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Can You Survive?

Jul 11, 2013 -- 1:42pm

Can any child star survive? It doesn’t seem that way when you look at the current behavior of Justin Bieber; peeing in buckets, smoking pot, speeding, fighting with paparazzi, underage drinking, etc. The pressures of Hollywood can be too much for some to handle.

Like my other blogs, lets narrow it down simply to musicians here. In the last decade celebrity behavior has been “out there,” to say the least.


Britney Spears who originally started out as a Mousketeer had a mental breakdown that involved shaving her head and attacking paparazzi with an umbrella.


Chris Brown who’s first single dropped at only 15, ended up beating his then girlfriend, Rihanna to a bloody pulp and has since only continued his erratic, violent behavior.


Christina Aguilera who went from her mouse ears, to stripping down completely and becoming “Dirrty.”


Miley Cyrus went from girl next door, to bed sheet wearing, salvia smoking, twerking, “Hannah Man-Trampa” as one listener put it.


Demi Lovato was a star by age 10, because of the lifestyle and bullying she ended up with an eating disorder and cutting herself.


Thankfully, some have taken a turn for the better while some are on their current decline. Others seemingly unaffected negatively by their success: Justin Timberlake is the perfect example. Starting out just as Britney and Christina did, then to boy band stardom, to solo artist extraordinaire and successful actor has somehow kept any extreme negative actions either out of the press or held back from happening. Well, there was that one time he threw a soda at the paparazzi, but I think we can throw him a bone there, don’t ya think?

So, with a new wave of youngin’s, what should we expect? What will Justin Bieber do next? What will happen to Big Time Rush, Cody Simpson, Austin Mahone, One Direction as time goes on? Will fame go to their heads, will the money run dry? Will one of them dye their hair pink, get a zebra tattooed on their face and choose to only speak Pig Latin for a select amount of time? Is it bad I kinda wanna see that happen?!

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