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Beyonce: Video Vanguard Award

Aug 25, 2014 -- 10:16am

Okay, I may get crap for this but I think I'm going to say what was on a lot of peoples minds last night at the end of the 2014 Mtv Video Music Awards: what the hell was THAT Beyonce?! 

Let me explain. If we think back to only one year ago, there was so much excitement over the performance that would come before the award acceptance. The award in 2013 went to former boybander, Justin Timberlake. Within his 15 minute performance he performed not only a ridiculous medley of hits but reunited with his former bandmates, N Sync. While only brief, it's still something people are talking about and fans are still hoping for another reunion in the future. 

There are many things that Beyonce could have done within her performance. She could have performed hit after hit after hit and had the crowd up dancing and grooving; she could've had her rap star of a husband cameo since he does appear on a number of her hits; she could've reunited again with Destiny's Child...the list goes on. Instead, she chose to do a medley of songs off of her self-titled fifth studio album. Sure, it sounds millions overnight, tha'ts great, congratulations. For those of us who haven't purchased, nor listened to this overlyhyped album we were left going "um...I don't know this song...or this one...or this one...wait!...nope." Not only were the songs unrecognizable to non-super fans, but they were ballad-y and a big downer overall. 

Sure, Beyonce is a diva. The girl has a powerhouse voice, undeniably talented and there is no doubt she deserved the award, BUT the articles out saying she "stole the show," I say, "meh."



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