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Macklemore is Making a Difference...

Jul 15, 2013 -- 2:27pm

“Same Love” was the first video and first time I had ever seen or heard Macklemore. How you began to hear him was in a silly, fun, party type way rapping about his green gater shoes,” and wearing the “fur fox skin” hats in “Thrift Shop,” but he’s a man with a message.

Not since the lyrical styles of Eminem have I been so impressed with the story a rapper had to tell. But, that’s not even the best part. The influence he’s having on the general public, in a positive way is what brings the biggest smile to my face.

The song “Same Love” is written with his two gay uncles in mind. Macklemore grew up understanding that not everyone is the same when it comes to their sexual preferences and that it’s ok, but not everyone has felt this way over the years and still today. But, he’s taking a stand for the gay community in a way no rapper has had the guts to do before and it’s paying off.

This story of two students, normally considered the “trouble makers” of the class is amazingly touching. Their first year teacher, who they found out is gay has a “YouTube of the day” portion of his 8th grade class. One of the “trouble makers” decided to present a video but asked that the teacher not “preview” it as he usually does to check content. It was Macklemores “Same Love,” and the two kids that tend to give every other teacher a hard time, dedicated it to this teacher proudly with smiles on their faces.

Read the teachers post about it HERE


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