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Marissa Interviews Travie McCoy 070115

Jul 01, 2015 -- 6:01pm

BRAND NEW Demi Lovato

Jul 01, 2015 -- 2:04pm

Iggy VS Britney

Jun 30, 2015 -- 10:26am

"Pretty Girls" has to be one of the worst collaborations out there. Trust me, it sounded promising. The buzz behind it was amazing AND it was NEW   BRITNEY   SPEARS!  I'll admit I was excited for it. 

Then...I heard it.

I'll say this, the Britney part is decent, it's the Iggy rap that makes me go, "eh."

Here, go ahead, remind yourself of how it all sounds...I'll wait...

Lets face it...the world felt the same way. It was just "eh" overall and the song didn't do all that well on the charts. In fact, it went up quickly and came down quickly. I watched it.

Iggy was recently asked about it by a fan and her response was fairly unnecessary: "It's difficult to send a song up the charts without additional promo and TV performances, etc. Unfortunately, I'm just featured [on the track]," Iggy told afan on Twitter over the weekend. "I would have enjoyed performing it a lot. I think it got off to a powerful start, but you need content to compete in 2015." 


My favorite comment that she's made is that Iggy claims she was just a "feature" on the track. No, no, no. Sorry, Ms Azalea, that's not how it was brought to radio AT. ALL. In fact the labels specifically came to us saying "This is not just a Britney track, this is a Britney AND Iggy track." Britney is cool though, don't worry. She had the best comeback yet and honestly...it's all in the hashtag.

Bieber Calls Out Selena?

Jun 29, 2015 -- 4:20pm

It happens, right here in the new video for "Where Are You Now"....check it out


Turns out fan art is what is sprinkled throughout the video rapidly, so maybe it's not actually Bieber calling her out. And, personally, I haven't found it in the video, but here is the still from EW:

Own Ruby Roses...

Jun 26, 2015 -- 10:11am

...piano! I didn't even know she was musical!

The piano turns out to be just as famous as she is at this point. It once belonged to songwriter, Linda Perry and is signed by Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Pink and more.

It's currently on the market on eBay because Rose and her fiance are moving and don't have the space for it in their new pad. Good for us, ya know if we have the extra $11,900 sitting around. 



Ruby had posted a photo with the piano on instagram a while back, too...oh and had Bieber plates displayed on it.


photos provided by TMZ

#TBT ....Which Boyband has a New Video Coming out?!

Jun 25, 2015 -- 2:05pm

O-town made a comeback last summer with their new album "Lines & Circles" and coming up on July 13th their new music video for "Chasin' After You" will hit social media by storm. Sure, it's no longer the days of TRL, but, these guys are still just as dreamy as they ever were...here's a #TBT moment for ya.


And to prove that the dreaminess is still reality...check out their single they released just a year ago...


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