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Machine Gun Cat

Aug 19, 2015 -- 5:21pm

Since I'm going on vacation tomorrow, I'll leave you with this: Machine Gun Cat. I like to call him Mo Chine Gun.


The Most Offensive Buzzfeed Article I've Ever Seen

Aug 18, 2015 -- 5:25pm

Buzzfeed is an interesting beast. It's a somewhat reliable source of pop culture information, and usually handy for a decent distraction or a good chuckle if you're just perusing some list someone shared on Facebook or Twitter. Of course they churn out content so quickly and frequently that, by their very nature, they're bound to mess up here and there.

But this. THIS.

I have never SEEN something so offensive.

Via Buzzfeed

Granted I realize I'm just giving this terribad article more free press, which is exactly what they want. But in all the responses I've seen to this pretentious compilation of pseudo-fashionista drivel, I've seen almost nothing but rejection of its ideologies, which pleases me immensely. And I wanna keep that train rolling. Because cargo shorts are awesome. Why would I wear shorts with LESS storage space when I can have extra pockets to hold all my crap?

Jealous Big Brother

Aug 17, 2015 -- 4:55pm

There's not much that needs to be said about this precocious little boy who gets quite upset at his mom upon finding out she's pregnant again. Just watch and laugh.

The Berenstain (Berenstein?) Bears and The Mandela Effect

Aug 13, 2015 -- 6:23pm

Remember this book and TV series about a family of anthopomorphic bears? The Bearenstain Bears.

Photo via A.V. Club

But wait... I could have sworn it was BerenSTEIN with an E, not BerenSTAIN with an A.

And I'm not alone. Almost everyone I've spoken to remembers it the same way. This is a phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect... and some say it's proof of alternate universes. No I'm not joking, this is a real theory. And it's freaking me right the heck out.

Celebrities Who Will Reply to Wedding Invitations

Aug 12, 2015 -- 5:14pm

Getting ready to tie the knot? If you're into celebrity memorabilia, try sending these famous people an invite. Word on the street is you're pretty likely to actually get a reply, which is pretty cool, even if the answer is no.

Photo via Exec Chef Catering

Taco Bell Senior Portraits

Aug 10, 2015 -- 5:57pm

As another school year approaches (I can't believe I'm typing these words already, it feels like summer just started), a new crop of seniors are gearing up to graduate. Before the year begins, though, it's time for senior portraits. Brittany Nicole Creech, a 17 year old girl in St. Louis, decided to capture the essence of her teenage being by having her photos taken professionally in an establishment that's near and dear to my heart: Taco Bell.

Photo via Facebook

While she did have some of your classical formal outdoor scene photos taken, she also wanted to light-heartedly capture a location where she and her friends spend a lot of time; a teenager's natural habitat, so to speak. This is just one of the artistically magnificent shots, you can check out the rest and get the full story here.

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