Celebs Like Kate Moss And Adele Spark 25 Percent Hike In Crystal Sales

After revealing she 'charges' her jewels under a full moon, Kate Moss is driving Brits to buy crystal jewelry in droves.  One in five believe they have healing abilities. More than half of spiritual Brits believe crystals and gemstones can boost health. Since September, online searches for 'crystals' have climbed 17 percent to 135,000 per month. In the same month, Kate Moss said she charged her rose quartz and melonite crystals beneath a full moon. The top three reasons for wearing crystals are to relax and feel calm (17 percent), guard against physical and emotional negativity (11 percent), and feel grounded and stable (10 percent). Common reasons to get crystals were to inspire love, feel comfortable, and restore harmony and balance. Celebrities, including Victoria and David Beckham, Adele, Justin Bieber, Dr. Dre, and Stefflon Don, have encouraged this trend. UK TikTok posts with the hashtag #crystals have garnered over 80 million views in just three months. Do you believe in the power of crystals?  

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