The Rock Says No To Presidential Run

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is not going to run for president right now. In a new interview, Johnson was asked about a widely reported 2021 poll revealing that 46% of U.S. adults would support him as a presidential candidate. Johnson said he was "blown away" when he realized how enthusiastic some people are about the prospect of him entering politics, and said, "I got a visit from the parties. They asked me if I was going to run and if I could run and it was a big deal. And it came out of the blue, and it was one after the other." Johnson didn't specify which political parties approached him but said that each of them brought up the 2021 poll as evidence for why he'd make a good candidate, adding, "They also brought up their own deep-dive research and data that would prove, should I ever decide to go down that road, that I would be a real contender." Johnson said he began thinking about his three daughters, and how running for office would risk putting family time on the back burner. He explained, “I know what it's like to have that separation and not be there for the birthdays, not be there for the pickups, the drop-offs and everything else, I didn't want that. I don't want that for my little ones now." Would you vote for The Rock? Why or why not?

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