Jake Allen


Hey, I’m Jake Allen. I’m having a hard time taking this stuff seriously.. I’m a 5’8″ brown eyed male with a weird balance of sarcasm and optimism. There are two perfect ladies in my life, my daughter Zoey and my love Sabrina. The Good: family, friends, music, food, gopro. The Bad: politics, entitled humans, football fans, phony conversations, soggy cereal, this bio


Being a teenage Wedding DJ was a pretty good platform for the career I have now, which is a totally awesome one. I love radio.. and lamp.. and comedy. Growing up I would spend hours watching stand up comedians on comedy central. I’d write down my favorite jokes and unapologetically repeat them at school the next day. I’ve actually admitted this to some of the comics I stole from, sorry not sorry. I love being a daddy and watching history repeat itself as my little one now picks up the joke telling torch. ¬†Find me everywhere via @JakeAllenShow #SelfieFakeOut