50,000 Drivers Could Lose their License in New York State

If you renewed your drivers license between March 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021 you may need to take action. The vision test rule put in place during the pandemic is expiring. During that time, drivers were allowed to self certify their vision test. That rule expires on Friday. 

Drivers who submitted their vision test during that time are now required to provide results from an approved provider or stop by the local DMV office to take another eye test. 

DMV spokesperson Walter McClure told the Times Union that suspensions will go into effect Friday for drivers who do not provide an updated vision test. 

If we don’t have someone’s results by Dec. 1, their license would be suspended, but if they have submitted their results, the suspension could be cleared once we have processed them and updated our system. It is a manual process, so we need to allow for up to five business days for that to happen.

More info on vision tests and license renewals can be found on the DMV website.  

Leopictures, Pixabay

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